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My New Weight!


Since Oprah revealed that she's 200 lbs now, I've decided to discontinue using lbs or kg and just say that I weigh 1.213 Oprah.
How about you?


I'm 1.115 Oprah


I'm 1 Oprah. That's up .1 Oprahs in four months!


.94 Oprah


.965 Oprah this morning, according to my Tanita BF monitor/scale.


Someone should ask her how to bulk up?


1.15 oprahs, aiming for 1.5 oprahs


1.3 oprahs


1.05 Oprah


.95 Oprahs. I wonder if its because Mengie and Gary aren't with her anymore. (10pts for the ppl who get it)


Her dogs, hence an absence of physical activity (walking them) ?


I'd love to see what an Oprah cheat meal looks like. I don't peg her for the pizza type. I know for sure she has some ultra premium chocolate in the back of her cupboard though.


1.1 oprah


I just hit 1 Oprah 2 days ago. I'm pretty proud of myself. 1.1 Oprahs is the new goal.


Errrrrrnnnntt try again.
Hint: it comes from a south park episode staring oprah and toweliee.


Dude I don't care how fat a woman is, it is never okay to hit her got it? Sick SOB.


I'm ashamed that I'm only 1.1 oprah

Hey guys, the world record bench press is at 5 oprahs + one of her dildo's
Deadlift under WPO is also at 5 oprahs + her little dog
Squat is at 6 (!) oprahs all holding a 10 pound bucket of icecream

It doesn't sound that much anymore


I weigh 0.975 Oprahs = 0.1551313 peakUribes (pU) [i][1].

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manuel_Uribe


You're a towel.


Between 1.435 and 1.475 oprah