My New TRT Regimen


Almost same here. How much iron supplementation are you taking to fix?

I need iron infusion, currently taking 8 capsules of iron (224 mg). I was taking 140 mg and ferritin went from 99->43. I’m do for another phlebotomy May 4th and I’m never going to be able to get my ferritin back up to 100.

I’m just not absorbing enough iron.

is that due to genetic disease or something?

It’s due to phlebotomies every 2 months, the last one which did me in was a month apart from the last one.

My iron requirements on TRT are crazy high, HCT runs 57% which is why I need phlebotomies. I could stop TRT and iron supplements tomorrow and ferritin would settle at 128 and iron at 136.

I did just that in 2019.

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I see. My hct risen from 42.7 to 45.6 in 90 days of the TRT. range 41 - 53