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My New Training Schedule

i play football (american) in the uk not a high standard to be honest but it was my rooky season this year im 21- used to play rugby at a high level but to be honest you get to do 4-5 hits per game and it just got boring and i found amercian football so im quitting the rugby and starting the football.

K so i have read renegade traiing, the ws4sb and dr squats footy schedule and i think i have put them all together and come up with my own regime what o you guys think

it work on a 2 week rotation so week 1 and week 3 r the same likewise with 2 and 4 and so on. Its like this as i think that with sprints, pylos, stairs,agility training, stongman conditioning, OLY, PL and accessory lift would be too much in one week and have split it into 2.

week 1
am- pylos and stairs, so box jumps, power squats, speeple jumps, stair jump and running stairs (for conditioning
om Snatches, drop unders, OH squats, snacth grip shrugs

tuesday off
wed legs- squats, good mornings, GHR, split squats and neck exercises

thursday max (chin or OH press), narrow bench, boards, dips, inc/decline
AB- 3 exercises 3 sets for 6-8 reps

friday off
saturday strongman GPP- keg toss, tire flip, farmers walk, backwards sled pull, and car pulls

sunday off

week 2
am- agility training, cone drill, ladder drill, bag drills, timed 3 cone drill or illonois drill

pm cleans, front squat, high pull, power shrug

tuesday off

wednesday deads, weighted chins to LPD, Bo rows, curls, ABS curcit
thursday- (bench max) push into jerk press, OH press, BO raises, Jm presses
friday off
saturday sprints
warm up
loaded sprints upto 4o yards, then free sprint unloaded for times, then 100yard sprint with timed rest for endurance

what do you lot think???

please reply


Hey mate, its ice from MT, good to see you here, which team do you play American Football for, was thinking of joining the essex uni American Football team, anyways man defranco has answered this quite a bit in his ask joe section.

for the manchester titans bafl div2

play rg at the mo will hopefully be moving to my rightfull home at fullback next season as our one is retiring at the mo