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My New Stack...


Hi, I am considering buying HOT-ROX Extreme, BCAA, Flameout, and ZMA. I would like to know if they all work together and which ones I should or shouldn't take with eachother. Thanx.


Yes, they will work together.


There are no contraindications to using these products together.


All of those are fine to take together.


Flameout, ZMA, and in my view BCAA,s should be standards taken regularly for good health and especially for a lifter/athlete with muscle, endurance, and strength gains, in mind.

HOT-ROX Extreme is a kick ass thermogenic fat burner to be used especially when the goal is slicing fat away.

Yes, they all work synergistically together, but again the top ones should be standards.



Thanx for all the info. Is there anything else you would recommend that is kinda natural like the BCAA, ZMA, and Flameout? I only plan on taking HOT-ROX for a little while but I will probably keep up with the rest. So is there anything else you would recommend me taking with those three?


If you aren't using them already the Metabolic Drive MRP's to supplement your protein and nutrient intake and Surge for postworkout recovery. If you don't eat a lot of vegetables or fruit a product like Greens Plus added in your morning shake is a good addition.

What I really recommend is for you to go to the T-Nation store and read the info article for each product. That way you can determine which and when each different supplement would be of value to your goals in addition to the standards.