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My New Split

Monday- Chest, Bis
Wednesday- Legs
Friday- Back, Tris

How does this split look? What advantages do you think there will be here for a 16 year old who has been wokring out for 3 years? i have been doing a 3x per week fullbody and it hasnt been working to great for me. thanks for any help…

After 3 years, full body workouts twice-a-week are probably better.

I tried the split you listed for a while and didn’t care for it.

For the longest time, my split was:
Chest/Back (Hams/Calves) AND
Delts/Arms (Quads)
If you don’t like the two-way split, then give Legs their own day (with maybe Abs too).

I did some fatigue testing and determined the following:
Chest, Delts, Abs, and Forearms are predominantly FTF
Upper arms, Lower Back, Traps, and Legs are STF.
Upper Back is right in the middle.

Revised Upper Body Split:

  1. Chest, Back, Delts, Forearms
  2. Triceps, Biceps, Back (less grip-intensive exercises)

Circling back around to the notion of “full-body” workouts. I myself prefer the term head-to-toe or toe-to-head workouts. What I mean is that I work some aspect of my upper and lower body in each workout.

In addtion to the uuper body split I mentioned above, I add in leg exercises to each of those workouts. Chest/Back/Delts day already has more compound movements, so I do isolation leg exercises. “Arms” Day has more isolation upper body, so that’s the day I do squats or deadlifts.