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My New Split, Worse than the Old?

My old split;

New split;
School has started and the old split is taking up too much time, also I hit a plateau with it, I took the advice from the other thread and cut out some of the cardio and that helped for a few weeks but I am stuck at 180 ish now, and have been for a few weeks.
My goals are just to get bigger, it is getting to be winter so I will bulk for the next few months, till track season anyway, and see what happens.
Any way, to the new split.

Monday, Legs
Squats 5x5 ATG
Front squats 3x8 ATG
step ups 2x10

Tuesday Arms
Pull ups Bwx3xmax
Board press 5x5
standing EZbar curls 3x8
straightbar curls 3x8

wednesday oly goodness
Cleans 5x3
snatch 5x1
Push press 4x5

thursday Shoulders
Shoulder press 4x6
Lat raises 3x10 2x6
Handstand pushups to failure

Friday pain
Deadlift 10x3
Overhead squats 3x10
5k run.
Take saturday and sunday off.

just curios, but why 2 bicep exercises (very similar ones, at that) and no direct tricep work? and why only one direct chest and back exercise? also, maybe put the push presses on shoulder day, and drop one of the other overhead presses. why a 5k run if your looking to get bigger? maybe shorter cardio more often would be better. deadlifts will build hammies, but i’d add some direct hamstring work to help balance the 3 different squat movements (i guess the stepups will help with that, though)

if that routine works for you, great, stick with it - but there doesnt seem to be a lot of logic as to why you do some things.

See, this is why I ask =D
I guess there isn’t too much logic here…
The 5k run is because I already have high cholesterol, BP problems, and suspected arithmia… and a family history of heart related illness, I am 16, I really don’t want to die in my 30s. I was doing more, shorter cardio, but stalled with that.

I’m not sure why I added two biceps exercises, I’ll drop one, and add skull crushers instead.
Also I will see if I can find a GHR around here, if not I’ll add Romanian DL to my workouts.


If you’re not gaining weight its not because of your lifting program, its because you aren’t eating enough. If you lift with intensity, which it sounds like you do, you should gain as long as you eat enough.

yea im scratching my head@ no tricep work too

the “pain” day just seems kinda idk…wreckless/pointless to me.

your rep ranges are also fucked. are you sure you want to be posting in the BBing area…i mean just cause you lift a weight doesnt mean it belongs here and with majority of your work being at like 8 for the highest…

and thats for legs, you may want to either increase reps or go talk to the strength guys especially where you seem to really like doing Oly lifts. …i mean for size they kinda suck.

what are you doing for back too? just deadlifts? 10x3 isnt going to do a thing for ya buddy, especially not for your lats. again, you may want to either consider going to strength sports or beginners.

like your name says, your skinny and weak. grab up a couple good size bulders with heavier weight in the 5-8 ranges and go from there. closegrip benching or revrse benching is gonna be a lot better than pushdowns for ya. you can really do all isolation when you dont have much to isolate.

Thanks Live,

I’ll ask a mod to lock this, I get the point =)