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My New Routine


Here is my new routine plan. I'm facing a great deal of difficulties when it comes to creating a proper strength training program, for I already do plenty of sport.

Monday: Boxing. We perform ton of pushups, ab work, jumping rope and medecine
ball training.

Tuesday: 35-40 minutes aerobic running session. I know that most T-Nation readers are against any kind of aerobic work, but this will be the only one. And I already do plenty of anaerobic cardio. As I am thinking about joining the army, I must maintain a good level of aerobic fitness. Plus, I a used to it and running through the woods is one of my main weekly pleasures.

Wednesday: Pushing workout:

 Squat: 4 sets
 Bench: 4 sets
 Push press: 3 sets
 Dips: 2 sets

10 minutes of cardio at the end(stationnary bike)

Thirsday: off


Morning: Pulling workout
Deadlift: 4 sets
Good Morning: 4 sets
4 alternated sets of weighted pull ups and chinups
Inclined Curl: 3 sets
Hammer curl: 3 sets
Shrugs: 3 sets

Afternoon: Judo. We do some kind of sled dragging, plenty of push ups and anaerobic drills.

Saturday: Kick Boxing(letwhei, or burmese boxing, it is quite similar to muay thai)

Sunday: I am thinking about doing poliquin death circuit. But I won't be able to train on all sundays, this is why I incorporate a circuit training.

3 circuits of the following:

12 squats (at 12RM)
Rest 60 seconds
12 chins (at 12RM)
Rest 60 seconds
12 deadlifts (at 12 RM)
Rest 60 seconds
12 dips (at 12 RM)

This workout will be followed by a short(about 30 min) mma training session with two friends of mine. We will hit the pads, and spar(grappling and mma).

As you can see, there is a very high volume of cardio. Conditionning is my main concern. I think that this routine will be pretty tough, so I am planning on putting a week off every 7-8 weeks.

What do you reckon?
Thanks for your advice!