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My New Routine, Comments?


I currently max 150kg squat, 150kg Deadlift and 80kg bench.

Bench press
Pull up
Bent over row

Overhead press
Calf raise


That is less a routine and more a listing of exercises, but those are nice exercises.


I agree. How many sets and reps are you going to do, how will you progress in weight and how often do oyu plan to train each week?


Apologies, I am intending to train Monday, Wednesday a Friday alternating the two sets of workouts. 5x5 for the compound excersises and 15 reps x 3 sets for curls and calf raises. For about 6 weeks and then test 1 rep max for squat, bench and deadlift.


I will increase the weight by 2.5 kgs when I manage to complete the 5x5 for an excersise. The curls and calf raises weight will also be increased accordingly.


That sounds reasonable. Let us know how it goes.


Looks fine to me.

Just a question - why did you stick the deadlift so far in? If you're already squatting first one day, wouldn't it make sense to deadlift first (or even second after OHP) on the second day? Then you could stick the squat as third, because you've already done it once that week.

But its just a question. If it works better for you set out as it is, don't change it.


That sounds like a solid plan. To peak for the 1RM, you can also switch to 3x3 after hitting a true plateau at 5x5 for a certain weight (missing it for a few sessions). Use the same weight at 3x3 and continue adding weight each session with that scheme. Ride that out for awhile and then hit a max. Another option after a true plateau is to ramp up to a top set up 5 every session.

If you want to stick to the original linear periodization plan instead of the block periodization outlined above, it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. I'm just throwing out suggestions. You'll get stronger either way.


If your primary goal is to increase your squat, bench and deadlift, then remember that it's okay to drop intensity for accessory lifts if they affect recovery for the more important lifts, especially when going for tough PRs.


Thanks, for all the response, I have amended workout b and will now start it with Deadlift. I am starting tomorrow and will post my progress.


Good call IMO. Are you going to start a training log on this site?


Monday and Wednesday workouts completed.

Starting weights

Squat 90kgs
Bench press 60kgs
Bent over row 50kgs
Deadlift 90kgs
Overhead press 35kgs
I did complete the accessory exercises but have not listed them as they are not crucial to my goals.
I completed all the exercises 5x5 with max 1 mins rest between sets.
I increased my squat today to 92.5kgs and completed 5x5.

My quads and glutes are bit sore, all is good
I did 20 mins low impact cardio on an excersise bike on Tuesday


I am still increasing the weights at every session,the squats are getting hard at the last set. I have increased the rest time to two minutes on the squats. I did not have time to do the bentover row today and I am not sure whether I should do it tomorrow or just leave it?


Take more time to rest between sets. If you don't feel recovered then take longer. Sometimes I'll take 10 minutes if I'm pushing close to failure because I would rather complete the set than rest 2 minutes and miss it. I would only stick to that time restraint if I was competing for something that required it.

If you have time and feel like it, go ahead and do the rows. Otherwise it isn't going to hurt if you miss it once. Just try to make more time for it next time. You can also do pullups at home.


I have stalled a bit on 100 kgs for my squat, completing 4/4/4/4/3 , so I am not increasing weight for my squats this week and increasing my rest time as per lift206's suggestion, it will mean that I have to drop the assistance exercises as I workout at my work place.


I'm intrigued why you struggle with 5 x 5 at 100kg if your max is 150kg?



Vikingen Njord- Are you adding weight to your squat 3x a week? It seems like you are adding weight too fast. On Monday 8/31 you started at 90kg. If you stalled on Wednesday 9/9 at 100kg, it means you did 5x5 for 5 sessions ramping up from 90kg to 100kg in less than 2 weeks. With the deadlift work, it doesn't seem like you're able to recover fast enough with 3 'heavy' squat sessions per week. Maybe you should try adding weight every other session instead so that the squat session on deadlift day would be lighter for extra volume (maybe 20 kg less than the previous session) but doesn't affect recovery for the heavy squat work in the A session.

If the above also doesn't work that means you might have to keep the squat weight the same for 2 of the A sessions before increasing it (while still keeping session B at a much lower itensity). All this means is you can't keep adding weight every session like Starting Strength. As you get stronger, it'll take longer to progress.

Start next week at 90kg again. You need to figure out how often you can add weight. With this type of linear programming, you should be able to get through at least the first 3-4 weeks without pushing to true failure. Pushing to failure and missing reps in less than 2 weeks will do you no good.

The added recovery time will make a big difference too - lift when you're ready. In addition to that, I think adding weight every A session and keeping the B session light is a good change too.

If you have limited time with assistance work, find ways to squeeze it in. An example for session A would be to do wide grip pull ups and chin ups between sets of squat and bench press. This could be starting off at 10x2-3 wide grip pull ups and 10x2-3 chin ups between all warm up and working sets on squat and bench. Add more sets over time and once that becomes taxing, increase reps and drop sets back down to 10 sets. For session B you can do overhead press first and deadlifts second. Then do a circuit rotating between light squat work, dips and calf raises. Assistance work isn't difficult but it can still help with your overall goal in building mass and strength.


I have lost a lot of strength as I developed a pain in my knee last year and have not been squatting heavy this year, but after some physio and improved technique I seem to have improved my knee.


Thanks for your advice, I will try it.


I took three days off squatting and went in today fresh and completed 100kg squat 5x5 and then Deadlift the same. I did however rest until I felt ready for my next set, the result was that the workout took one hour for the two exercises.