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My New Purpose in Life



This group wrestles in my hometown in TX. I saw an ad in the newspaper saying they were always looking for new people. I'm going to join so I can hit someone with a collection plate during a match.


Why don't you start a group for Christian boxing? It could give a whole new meaning to the term right cross.


gives a new meaning to the term Bible thumping.


I'm thinking of a costume that features a Pope hat, cape, and Rosary. I'll carry a Crucifer to the ring so I can hit people when things go bad. My finishing move will be a submission hold called Purgatory.


Dress up as a schoolboy and call yourself Retribution.


This, do this. Video tape it as well




I can't stop laughing but at the same time I'd like to actually say its a cool idea. I mean as long as all the wrestlers are clean and aren't using profanity during the matches it seems like a great way to inspire the kids to strive for health and fitness.... but yeah it is random as fuck.

Go with the schoolboy outfit.


I'm not really into social statements, but I like the idea of having this motto:

"Spreading the Gospel one headlock at a time."


You could always be a villain, and enter to AC/DC's Highway to hell...


but you are doing Christian wrestling? "Spreading the Gospel one headlock at a time"? Thats not a social statement?

At any rate, make sure you also display your denomination. That could dispel current negative connotations.

EDIT: Good luck with that.


Ok, Christian wrestling is a social statement. In case anyone was interested I was raised and am a member of the Lutheran church. I only call myself a Christian though not a Lutheran.

I was also thinking of calling myself the Trinitarian Barbarian and challenging anyone performing Jesus name only baptisms.

Also, my current record in the ring all time is 0-1. I agreed to do a match in an organization one of my friends belonged to when we were 18 or 19. He was part of the tag team champions. I was called the scholar and dressed in a graduation robe and cap. While I was telling the audience how stupid they were my opponent hit me in the back, body slammed me, and pinned me to win in about 10 seconds. No pictures that I know of exist of this match, but I can ask my friend if he possibly has any.


You're missing the obvious. you're finishing move should be the crucifix