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My New PRs


Went to the gym today with a few friends and got some 1rep maxes.

Bench - 275 - Didn't feel it today, I don't know, maybe because it was the first one I did and I wasn't in the zone yet.

Squat - 315

Front Squat - 235

Deadlift - 455

Just editing to put up my stats

190 pounds, 19 years old, been training for about 6 months. Still learning a lot. All lifts were completely raw, no belt.


Keep it up

Good work



Yeah nice work bro.

What are your goals? You looking gain size? Compete?


My goals right now are to gain functional strength and power but I have been considering saying "Fuck you" to Gold's Gym, finding a REAL gym to train at, and start finding out how to get into competing. I really want to start to focus on Oly lifts too.


nice lifts


hats off bro .

heres mine from the last 2 weeks , if ya dont mind me sharing your thunder ....

raw bench , shirted bench , raw squat , and I think raw deadlift . also missed PR attempt at suited dead yesterday . upcoming push/pull total should be coming in around 50 lbs higher than last meet


Congrats. Nice lifts for only 6 months.

I'm still waiting for the day I pull 315 on the deadlift. :-/


Yeah, just keep trying at it and eventually it'll come. I found that just having a steel will and determination can make your numbers start going up.

I'm 6'2 so I think that's why my deadlift total was a little higher, shorter distance to pull. I could of gotten even more on the dead but the grip just wouldn't hold and I did not want 475-500 falling onto my kneecaps, I need to invest in some chalk.

I'm really gonna start trying to get serious about this, currently I don't take ANY supplements, no protein powders, no fish oils, no creatine. I just try to get in food when I can, poor college student so it's kinda hard.

Thanks for all the comments.


Damn straight. If you don't think you can do it, you won't.

Heh. I don't really take any supplements either. I tried Surge; I guess it was slightly helpful. It was hard to tell since my training was all f'd up during that time anyway. I did recently purchase some of that Grow! protein powder from here, mostly for convenience purposes -- quick and easy protein source at work.

Real food works for me: lots of chicken, oatmeal, eggs, and cottage cheese (which I've come to enjoy).

Ya know, I don't even know what my 1 rm's are. Last I tried that I pressed 200 and squatted 225 a few times. Heh. Maybe I'll give it a go right before I switch programs: which hopefully won't be soon, cuz switching programs means I stalled on my current 5x5 routine. :wink:

What's your lifting schedule like?