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My New PR's

I had a powerlifting meet this past weekend and broke my old PR’s by a total of 53 pounds! Yea!

Before the non-gear users start in on my numbers – I only used a belt and wraps. Squat - 325, bench - 193 and Deadlift - 380. Not bad for an old lady.

This is always an interesting meet for me as I am normally the only female to compete. So I usually lift raw - or close to it - and evaluate my progress from year to year.

Sorry to brag – but I have to share somewhere. The guys at work normally just ignore my numbers and then behind my back talk about how they could lift more. But do they ever step up on the platform --NO.


Excellent. The guys at work would likely break squatting that much.

Congrats on the improvement! Those are big numbers…no matter what the guys at work say. Most would get a hernia pulling that much weight.

what meet did you do? what weight class?


This was the firefighter olympics in Lewisville. I was just short of making the 181’s so I went in the 198’s. Yeah, I know, but I am working on it!


Nicely done! Way to represent women lifters. :wink:

Good work Malinda!! You have some good numbers. Keep it up!! You rock!!

T-Ladies rock! Good numbers.

Thanks Guys! Now time to get the weight in check and train for the next meet. The next one will be in gear – only way to be competitive at a bigger meet.


GREAT job. Thats what it is all about beating your previous best. Thats progress.

Keep it up.

Awesome job.

Congrats Malinda…keep up the good work!

Stay strong

Thanks Mike – now to train for Bench Nationals and Master’s Worlds…
It never ends!


Nice job Malinda! Congrats on the PRs!

Awesome job Malinda! That’s great.