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My New Program

Hello, just wanted some opinions of my new weight lifting program.
Monday= Squat variation set1 3 reps/ set2 8reps/ repeat till I put in six sets.
Tuesday=Incline bench+ Knee on bench rows
Wednesday=Standing shoulder press+ Dips
Thursday=Seated cable rows+ Lat pulldowns
Friday=Hang clean+ Squat variation

Every lift is done following the same rep scheme as monday. After I do all the sets on one lift I run a quarter mile as hard as I can. I then let my heart slow to normal again and do my second lift of the day, Afterwards I attempt to run another quarter of a mile. Then I do sprint intervals till I have run 1 mile every day. My problem is I am actually gaining weight. which is not a goal of mine at all. But after I lift all through the day I am super hungry and crave carbs. So my diet is suffering.

Any suggestions or tips regarding my program would be appreciated. If you know what I need to do to stop the food cravings please let me know.

So your doing sets of 3 then 8, and then what repeat that 3 times?? Why Im trying to figure out the reason

Exercises look good basic but good im not understanding what your trying to do with the above though.

For something close to this I suggest you look at Dan Johns One Lift a day program


The rep range is because I want to get stronger but I want to do enough volume to get bigger. So I do one very heavy set followed by a lighter set of eight. So I am traing strength and the sets of eight put me in the hypertrophy range I believe.