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My New Program

Hello everyone, havent posted in a long time but I just threw together a program and thought I would put it through you guys to see what you think of it. Basically Im really trying to increase strength as I think its limiting my size plus im just not that strong. Sorry in advance for the size of my post.

Period 1 ? Repeated on weeks 1 and 5

Mon ? Legs
Tues ? Chest/Back
Wed ? Off
Thurs - Arms/Shoulders
Fri ? Legs
Sat ? Chest/Back
Sun ? Off

Period 2 ? Repeated on weeks 2 and 4

Mon ? Lower
Tues ? Upper
Wed ? Off
Thurs ? Full Body
Fri ? Off
Sat ? Lower
Sun ? Upper

Period 3 ? On Week 3

Mon ? Off
Tues ? Full Body
Wed ? Off
Thurs ? Full Body 2
Fri ? Off
Sat ? Full Body
Sun ? Off

Period 1

Legs Squats 4x10 401
Leg Curls 4x10 401
Leg Extension 3x12 401
Calf Raises 4x12 401
Weighted Crunches 4x15

Chest/Back Varying Low Incl/Flat DB Press 4x7/7/7 401
Pullups/Cable Rows 4x fail/12 401/201
Dips/Pushups 4x12/fail 401/201
BB Rows/chin 4x12/fail 401/201
Pullovers 4x12 401

Arms/Shoulders BB Curls/Reverse Curls 4x10/10 401/201
DB Ext/Rope Ext. 4x10/10 401/201
Preach Curls/Ham Curls 3x10/10 401/201
Skull Crushers 4x10 401
DB Presses 3x12 401
DB Raises 3x12 201

Period 2

Squats 5x5
Romanian Deadlifts 5x5
Leg Presses 4x8
Calf Raises 4x12 401
Weighted Crunches 4x15

Decline Benchpress 5x5
BB Row 5x5
Inc BB Press 5x5
Chins 5x5

Full Body
Close BP 5x5
BB Rows 5x5
Dead Lifts 5x5
Pullups 5x5

Period 3

Full Body
Squats 8x3
Benchpress 8x3
BB Rows 8x3

Full Body 2
Deadlifts 8x3
Decline Benchpress 8x3
Pullups 8x3

Please any opinions?

[quote]TwistedLocal wrote:
Please any opinions?[/quote]

I can give an opinion :slight_smile: I think any program is decent. The one you have doesn’t look bad at all. but, in my opinion, GVT, ABBA, Quattro, etc. can be cycled over and over again with gains. Once in a GREAT while, I’ll go astray and do 5x5s and try something else, but I’m always running back to the training programs found here at T Nation. This time, I’m not going astray :slight_smile: