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my new program


based on CT?s new article i set up my new program...I would like to know your opinions guys....

thanks in advance

i?ll be training 3 times a week...mon,wed,fri....alternating the four workouts

squat 5x5
bench 5x5
barbell row 5x5

front squat 6x4
push press 6x4
chinups 5x5

deadlift 5x3
dips 5x5
one leg back extension 3x max

power clean from hang 2 waves of 5,3,2
push jerk 2 waves of 5,3,2


Whats your goal with this program.


you have too much volume to do legs so often. If your looking for one of his hybirds(which i think you are with that high amount of volume) you might be better off with something like this.
Squat move-build to 3RM
G-H Move-Build to 3RM
Explosive Move(jump squat or Snatch Grip VL)-4x5
Here you can do a body part for structural gains
Pressing Move-build to 3RM
Push Press-Auto-regulatory clustering(20sec between reps)
Lat Move-5x5
Here you can do a body part for structural gains
Clean move-Auto-Regulatory clustering(15 sec between reps)
Deadlift move-Build to 3RM
Single Leg Hypers-3x8
Here you can do a body part for structural gains
Push Jerk-Auto-regulatory clustering(15sec between reps)
Tricep move-3x6
Here you can do a body part for structural gains.
It was only my guess from the high amount of volume you wanted to use that you were looking for strucutral gains along with functional ones, and your program was actually ok but it had two faults. It was too CNS and muscle stressing that you could only get away with it for a couple of weeks, but then itd catch up to you. This approach keeps you to about 12 total reps on ME lifts, 10-12 total on Oly lifts, and around 20 for assistance lifts, which which the CNS can handle and will not burn you out. Take a look at Super Beast and look back at his article this week about the rep ranges he suggests.


Also I for got, your not truly building up to a 3RM, because you need a 2rep buffer, so its really your 5RM but only doing it 3 times in order to ensure CNS overtraining doesnt occur.


i am interested mainly in functional gains....how would you use the sample program that CT gave in his last article?

here it is:
Day 1

Bench press

Barbell rowing

Back squat

Day 2

Incline press

Power clean from blocks

Day 3

Bench press


Romanian deadlift

Day 4

Power clean from blocks

Push press


That is specifically for functional gains, no more than 15 total reps per session per exercise as the back to back movements(on consecutive days) has moves that hit the same body parts. What I listed is a hybird of the two. Id use the rep ranges I listed but just transfer them down to there. Also remember that is just a sample, its not how it has to be done, there are several variations that can be used, its more of CT's information on volume of exercises and total reps that is something that cannot be altered.


Numba, I like your suggestions and interpretations. I do have one question, though. Doesn't Christian normally advise the trainee to chose a particular weight/intensity (i.e., 85%) and use it for all sets?

Perhaps I am confused by your recommendation of working up to the 3RM. Did you mean all sets at that intensity? Or, did you mean that only the final set should be performed at that intensity, implying that the trainee should add weight to the bar following each preceding set?

Thanks for the clarification!