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My New Power Routine


I trained in West Side Barbell style for about one year. That was a great year, I gain a lot in both - in mass and strength. But finally, after year of experiences I decided to do something on myself.

So here it is! my own routine that came from my first year experiences. I know that one year is nothing, so can more advanced lifter take a look on this:

1: Bench Day
-Bench Presses (max effort) - flat bench press
-Heavy Rowing movement (rump) - t-bar rows for now
-Heavy Triceps (rump) - dips
-Dynamic Shoulder Presses (dynamic/repetitions) - seated DB presses
-Light Triceps (to failure) - rope pressdowns

2: Squat Day
-Squats (max effort) - classic squats
-Dynamic Deadlift variations (dynamic/repetitions) - SL deadlift
-Heavy Quads exercise (rump) - box squats
-Heavy ABS (rump) - leg raises with db

3: Shoulder Presses Day
-Shoulder Press (max effort) - clean & press
-Heavy Lats (rump) - narrow pulldowns
-Dynamic Bench Presses (dynamic/repetitions) - db floor press
-Heavy Biceps (rump) - close-grip bb curls

4: Deadlift Day
-Deadlifts (max effort) - classic deadlift
-Dynamic Squats (dynamic repetitions) - front squats
-Heavy Hamstrings (rump) - reverse lunges
-Traps/upper back (rump) - close-grip bb shrugs
-Heavy ABS (rump) - leg raises with db

so as you can see this is a mix of WSB and my own thoughts. My goals are strength and mass. I
keep diet perfect, any other infos are in my profile.

Sorry for my english & I'll appreciate any kind of your advices!