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My New Office

Hi all,

I’m extremely excited to finally be typing this thread, it’s been a long time coming…

Back in 2000 I discovered T-Nation; since then it has literally changed my life.

In early 2006 we started negotiation on an industrial unit. In December of last year, a lease was signed. This was the start of our new athletic performance centre.

This is photo 1 - An empty shell, as it stood at the beginning of December. What you see was originally two units with a dividing wall. We had that removed for what was yet to come.

Over this series of posts I will show you what happened to construct the facility in the next twelve weeks…

Photo 2: This is the reverse shot of the empty unit. In the top right hand corner, you can see part of the mezzanine floor area that we will later turn into physiotherapy/ treatment rooms. The two toilet blocks were originally in two separate units.

Photo 3: Taken at face value, this should be the most dull, but is actually the most exciting photo ever.

One early December morning, the first lorry load of materials arrives. The driver seemed rather confused that I was taking photos and grinning from ear to ear.

Photo 4: Work starts on the changing rooms.

Photo 5: You can see how the existing toilet blocks were “adapted” to form part of the new changing rooms.

Photo 6: The dividing wall of the changing rooms goes up pretty quickly.

Photo 7: Changing rooms… done. Many hours of painting follow!

Photo 8: By now, the changing rooms have had a few coats of paint, and work is starting on the sprung wooden floor of the sprint track.

Photo 9: Our spec for the track was pretty high - we want to flip tyres, drop weights and drag sleds across it - so the construction guys spent a loooong time in this position!

Photo 10: Our custom-built dragging sleds and railings arrive (grin). Also partly shown are a few solid rubber bumper plates.

Photo 11: The railings are being erected, the track batons are progressing well, and work has started on the roof of the changing room to install the boiler, vents and hot water tanks for the showers.

Photo 12: This was my first visit to the local engineering firm to see how the manufacturing of the gantry was progressing. As you can see, it took up rather a lot of space in their factory :slight_smile:

Photo 13: The gantry, freshly powder coated white, arrives on site. Some remaining sections of railing can be seen on the right hand side of the track.

Photo 14: Now we have to lift the main gantry frame into position…

Photo 15: …for which we’ll need a crane…

Photo 16: …up she goes…

Photo 17: …almost there. …but you’ll notice by now that the top of the lifting arm is actually touching the top of our roller shutter door.

Photo 18: After a lot of shoving, by a lot of relatively big blokes (not shown in picture), the main frame is up and the front supports are bolted into place.

Photo 19: …building tolerances being what they are, some room had to be “made” for the back foot of the gantry to fit into place.

Photo 20: As you can see, the gantry is starting to take shape. As you can also see - by now it’s getting dark outside…