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My New Lifting Regimen

I’ve let myself slip into a habit of not working out, or watching what I eat or how far my stomach is starting to bulge over my belt. With my 35th birthday coming up next month, I felt like it is becoming a now or never time.

So, after buying Waterbury’s new book Huge in a Hurry and deciding that working long hours with a long commute could not be an excuse anymore, I have formulated a plan of attack.

I’m going to start Chad’s Get Ready program on Tuesday and then jump into Get Lean afterwards. For any of you that have been on the fence on whether or not you are going to buy the book let me assure you it is worth every penny. Hell, it cost me less than $20 at amazon with shipping! I’ve spent more on beers and wings with the guys (which has contributed to my current look!). At my current bodyfat I am going to work on it mostly along with getting my diet under control.

Starting Tuesday I will be detailing what exactly I’m doing along with a slightly modified version of CW’s Get Ready program (I will be working out at home and do not have access to some of the equipment for some of the exercises). My diet is going to be the biggest challenge because I work/commute over 12 hours a day, so if I can overcome that the workouts should be the easy part.

Wish me luck and I’ll see you on Tuesday.

What are your specific goals and what is your deadline?

Mainly, I want to get down to about 10-15% bf in the next 18 months while only losing about 10 pounds in overall weight. I’m about 240 now at 28%.

sounds damn hard but doable

all the best