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My New Haircut 2: The Return of the Broski



keep pumpin'


lmao, the original is still the best but I got a lot of laughs out of this one, thanks man.



"hey scuse me, let me get a spot over here... hold it! hold it! hoooooooooooooooooooooold!"

That chick in the red shirt was HOT!


i love the part when he's bent over bb rowing, and the dude's like hey man can i work in?
Not now chief, i'm in the fuckin zone!!!!! lol. The original was better but this one wasn't bad either,
a bit late though.


Does anyone if this is for real? My brain can't comprehend this magnitude of douchebaggery.


Sorry champ, I watched about 3 minutes of that moron and that's about all I could take. "I got all these muscles...of course I use illegal steroids. How else am I supposed to have the biggest muscles at the club?" For serial?


haha, my friend walked in when he is flexing his dick or whatever and was just like 'wtf are you watching' and since I use headphones it was ever more gay.