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My New Fun Video of the Week!



fucking hilarious

waits for race war


Like how the only guy in the bar with a gun can be seen noshelauntly(sp) walking away.


^^That made me LOL as well.

This is a pretty funny video. What an idiot.



Is it just me or does that woman have a proportionally big head? Is she a midget?


I hate stuff like this. I want him dead. I want him dead and his body sent to feed the poor fish of the world.

How in the hell do you miss hitting someone with a sweet Chinese AK variant. I hope he trips on a banana and cracks his skull.


The gunman was pissed because the bar used cheap plastic cups.


Where's my race war? Omg omg omg come on you white debils


lol Kind of embarrassed for him, we need one of those facepalm pics.


If he is on our side I'm changing sides. HOW the F*CK do you MISS with a AK variant close range.
I hate people.



Yea you know what? He isn't worth fighting over.


I'm putting his ass up for trade, I'll take anything we can get. Rosie O'donnel and a box of vanilla wafers.


Wait a minute, bro. I know we like thick white women, but that's a little thick for my blood.


Yeah I know but that big bitch looks like a fighter. And I asked for CoCo "Ice T's wife" and was laughed out the room.


Coco.......sounds like a thread hi-jack to me.


I mean.....rosie? For real? Idk man

Id settle for rikki lake....


Serious would you trade Rikki Lake for that cock eyed can't shoot one fish in a small bucket mofo.

Plus I think Rosie could beat Rikki in a fight.


I have to rinse my eyes everytime I watch that video. I swear I want him off the planet.

Ice T Lead us not into temptation of killing that fool but take us from evil and show us the way to true peace...


Rosie is a 400 pound man though. And rikki was obeese before which means she probably still struggles with body image issues and self esteem....which makes her a huge submissive sex toy

Who is that in the pic? Can we dye her hair?