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My New Found Quest for Strength


hi everyone
I want to be really strong. However i haven't got access to the gym yet but i can still use my body. however i need some advice ont he exercises that i will be doing.

One arm pushups:
Whats the proper form to do them? when i do them, i find that i have to spread my legs and my body also twists to one side. For example; if i am pushing with my right arm, my body will twist to the left. Is that cheating?

handstand pushups
Is there a way to make these easier at first?like an exercise that progresses into the handstand?

I'm gonna do pistols as well but i'm ok with that

One arm chins
The daddy of one limb exercises. i can do twnety pullups but i can't do a single one fo those. what's the secret?

My friend says that these exercises are purely technical and does nothing for strength, even though he can't do a single one of these. is he right? how much volume will i need if i also want to build muscle with those?what about frequency?i will be using the grease the groove system, so is it safe to do these everyday? thanks

i'm also gonna buy captains of crush grippers. i really want to have a bone crushing grip


Those movements can and will get you strong, but only up until a certain point.

Honestly, I can't do any of the movements you listed but I recommend doing negatives. Those will help increase your strength. Then progress to isometric holds at the beginning, middle and ends of the movements.

If you want to learn more about bodyweight training I highly recommend "Never Gymless" by Ross Enamit. You can get it here: www.rosstraining.com/products.html


If you want to make them even harder get a weighted vest, or some sort of vest you can add weight to and wear it while performing those body weight exercises. If you want to get strong the best way is to lift weights, I recommend joining a gym if not getting a cheap weight set together. Make sure your eating at least 1g of protein per bodyweight also!

Also captain of crush is a great idea! I just got the level one and its really tough I can close it with each hand but man it tears them up good.


One-arm chinups you have to learn to do them,there like handstands or backflips.Theres a SKILL element to them.And take a long time to do.I challedge a well known stength coach to do one.No luck just yet.I managed one ,in a year.


See Pavel Tsatsouline's "The Naked Warrior."

For handstand pushups and 1-arm chins see

your friend is wrong. Higher frequency means more hypertrophy. GTG works on these exercises.

That would be an excellent use of your money.


Of course a one arm chin up is a tremendous feat of strength. A deadlift is also technical at a high level. Just because you need more "technique" and strength to even attempt a one arm chin doesn't mean it's just technique.

Also, as far as bodyweight exercises go, the one armed chin is not necessarily the king exercise. For example,(Stradle) Planche Pushups and one arm handstand pushups are easily on the same level.

As with most BWE, frequent training is the key.