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My New Favorite Apex Predator


Shit, I'm hungry, let me go kill the other top dawg apex predator. First off, I'ma get fed, second off, he will be eating less prey so there will be more for me later.



Meh im all about great whites still. but since we're on the subject of sea animals, you ever see a colossal squid? Thats some vicious shit. Its tentacles are covered in rotating hooks, described as tiger claw like. Was watching a special on it a while back where they had a washed ashore sperm whale's corpse, covered in scars from a colossal squid.


I just saw the Nat Geo on that. It's very cool to see a previously unobserved behavior like that.

I like the great whites for their raw predatory nature, but orcas rule with superior ability to learn and communicate.


saw the same Nat Geo. love the fact the whale only ate the liver and that after it killed that one the entire population of white sharks in those islands left.


no fava beans and chianti?


Yeah, gotta side with the mammal on this one


In this clip, they turn themselves upside down and grab a ray, then they right themselves to put the rays into shock so they don't struggle.



That's smarter than a lot of people I know.


That's actually terrifying that they're that smart.


most people you know haven't spent thousands of years hunting rays.

show me an orca that can balance a checkbook, then we'll talk.


Very smart animals. Of course some dumb broad is crying about it in the background, completely diregarding the unique nature of the event, because gasp a predatory animal is trying to eat another animal.


Checkbook! Hell They can balance an accountant, which is much more advanced than a checkbook.



I dunno. Most of us are pretty even-tempered.

Some of us even come with instruction manuals.