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My New Farmer's Walk


Farmer's Walk (homemade). We'll start using them tomorrow. I can't wait. It's supposed to pour but I couldn't care less!


here's a pic (I hope!)


damn nice! How'd you make it?


They look good. We have a set at my gym and I love them. Since all it ever does is rain, we just use them inside.



Sorry about all the bad attempts for a pic!

They are 4' long using 2" OD tubing. Sleeved over that is 24" of 2" ID tubing. I used 2x8" flat stock welded to hold the handles which are cut from an olympic barbell (knurled).

I was able to cut everything and tack-weld it all together and brought them to a professional welder to finish weld. I was charged $30.00 for welding and already had the metal (I like to make my own stuff!). So for $30.00...


Are you taking orders...? :slight_smile:


Nice work! I think I have to make myself atlas stones, a log and some farmers, just to have some fun .. :slight_smile:


We do what I call "Strongman Saturday" out behind my studio gym.

I have two tires (men's and women's sizes!) for flipping, a sled, Atlas Stones, kegs, shotput, "axle" bars for pressing/dl-ing, farmers bars, one-hand thick DL handle and I add to it as I can. I just ask that everyone pay $10.00 per session and I put that money into new equipment. Anyone is welcome (just don't get too injured!)

Oh, and my full-size Bronco (5,500 lbs) to pull and I have access to box trucks etc.


Sounds great! I think I have to find a nice garage (have to have it indoor here in norway, at least in the winter) and make some gear! I'm sure a lot of my friends would love it!


now painted...


That sounds cool. What part of Mass. are you in?


Whitman. In the old Bostonian Shoe factory. (kind of an historic landmark)


not to hijack this thread and I rarely post (more of a lurker myself) but where is whitman in comparison to Andover? I and my fiance work in Andover and live in portsmouth, nh. always looking for some cars to pull and heavy things to move.

Anyone in the seacoast area in NH? and or neighboring areas?


It's south. Near Brockton. I'd say 45 minutes down rt. 3 to rt 18 to rt 27.


I love strongman training. I feel it's incredible for adding mass all over and really improving your funtional strength, not to mention it's kick ass cardio. I wasn't able to make my own farmers walk handles, but taking an idea from Coach Davies I bought a wheel barrow for about 30$, load it up with about 400-500 lbs and walk around the block a few laps.

I've gotten a few weird looks, but I've found having to stay upright is great for the entire PC, keeping it centered is great for the core (it teeters from side to side on the one wheel) not to mention it smokes your grip. So again for about 30$ you can get a kick ass strongman workout that is brutal on the entire body.


That's awesome.

On another note, I'm surprised how little I hear about sledge training on this site. I post at another grip training related site, and there's a guy there that has a home-made 60lb sledge! Insanity.


I am experiencing envy...


They were very easy to make. Actually most strongman stuff is pretty easy to make. Find a good hardware store, a metal supply place and some tools (and an imagination) and you're on your way!

Give me a PM if you want some ideas.

By the way, those Farmers handles are hard to distinguish from "professional" ones. When my clients first saw them , they figured I bought them.


those things are sweet! the 100-lb dumbells at the gym are getting too light for me to farmer's walk with: i probably walk 50 feet back and forth per "rep" before my grip fails. you can stack tons on those...


The thing that a lot of guys don't realize at first is that the bars do NOT roll out of your hands like dumbbells do. Which is good in some ways, but that means you can load these suckers up and still keep your grip. Can you say trap burn?