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My New Diet


ages ago i posted asking why i wasn't gaining weight and i was told to f**k off and eat more. Fair enough i thought and here are my results as promissed.
My new diet plan is:

8am full english breakfast (scrambled egg: 2 whole egg and whole milk, 3 rashers of bacon, 2 saugages, beans and black pudding (mmm tasty pig blood)

10am 100g peanuts and dried fruit

12 baked potatoe cheese and beans with a grilled chicken breast

2pm tuna on brown bread with mayo and salad

4pm tuna on brown bread with mayo and salad

6pm main meal (i cook two portions so i can eat the second at 8pm)chicken breast/steak/salmon and steemed broccoli & veg & baked potatoe

8pm (see above)

in the evening i just snack on pistachio nuts fruit and drink a cassine shake before i go to bed.

Also i should say it took me so long to post this cos i haven't had time to come on this site cos i've had so much work on (i'm actualy in the office by myself now on my 3rd hour of overtime, i'll be here all night). And, i did have my thyroid checked and it was normal (no excuses there then).

I've been following this new diet for a few weeks now and i've started gaining weight again, and i'm pretty sure its all lean. Still not sure its optimal but i have to force myself to eat like this all the time, maybe if it get easyer i'll up it a bit more.

let me know what you all think (you'll all prob slate me again, but i'm pretty sure that isn't a 'soccer mum's diet'


dnt look bad maybve add somew EVOO and other good fats. 10am could use some protein. other then that if your gaining its GOOD



thanks phill.


100 g peanuts has enough protein for a snack (30 g) but also a lot of fat. You're getting about 18 g of Omega 6 fats. That put's a lot of stress on the body. You don't have much in the way of Omega 3 to balance that out. Better would be fewer nuts, more variety of nuts (walnuts, almonds), get some protein from other sources (whey, meat, eggs)and add in flax seed and fish oil.


thanks stuward, thats a very helpfull coment, was getting board of peanuts anyway. I should add that i suplement with 2grams of fish oils per day and while i'm on the subject of suplements i have a serving of whey befor and after each workout and i have about 10-20grams of BCAA during my workouts with Dextrose and maltodextrin.