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My New Deadlift Routine

Been maxing out on 1RM DLs too much till I hit a wall.Though my 1RM is 195kg,I barely lifted 180kg on Monday. So decided to take a break and will resume pulling next month.

Here would be my plan for the next two months. Basically,it is cycling up to my previous 1RM but this time, I would work up to a top set of 5RM.Current 1RM=195kg,add 2.5% every week on ME DL day.

Week 1-80%,155kg
Week 2-82.5%,160kg
Week 3-85%,165kg
Week 4-87.5%,170kg
Week 5,90%,175kg
Week 6,92.5%,180kg
Week 7,95%,185kg
Week 8,97.5%,190kg
Week 9,100%,195kg

5RM=195kg would yield around a 220kg 1RM which is good progress.

What do you think?