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My New Dance Routine... Double Dream Hands


This is awesome and its going to be my go to dance routine... as soon as i learn it



I may pray for you.



Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee tell me where you found that.


Hahahahahahaha! Holy shit Greg, you made my night bro, I about fell out of my chair.

Double dream hands for the win!


wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf


This is my go to dance, but I'm adding in "thumbs to yourself"


...because of Parkinson's.


I might actually learn this and bust it out in public. That way my wife will never ask me to dance again.


Its my secret, dont tell.


You're thinking flash mob, aren't you? That's some awesomeness in the making, right there.


I'm going to go ahead and give away my secret for awesome/hilarious Internet videos:


If you haven't already seen that site then "you're welcome" :slight_smile:

I laughed so hard at those dance moves, very napoleon dynamite-ish


"stay down, shoulder, chin, shoulder shoulder shoulder. Double dream hands!"


Hopefully it doesn't end up looking like this:


It's even funnier if you mute it and watch it listening to Beethoven's 5th.


This is so much more awesome.


Ha! No, I just really want to find the origin of the video. I have to know who, how and why this was done. Too funny. To me he seems like some church teen pastor who's trying to be hip. lol


He has a website: http://www.musicexpressmagazine.com/choreography.jsp

You can even pick up one of those hip polos. I might grab a few for Christmas gifts, fellas will be stoked.