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My New Cycle. Please Critique


3rd cycle, 29 years old 6ft 6, 280 lbs, 5 years training. This cycle looking to drop some BF and gain 10+lbs of lean mas. Got some question about my next cycle. I noticed a little hair loss on the last cycle, nothing to much but if i lost that much again you'd start to notice.

The cycle was a tren ace/test enth cycle, so I was thinking about including some proscar this time round but it get mixed reviews from other boards so i wondered if anyone had an opinion on its inclusion. I didn't really notice the hair loss till after I completed the cycle and other sides where low so I didn't really take an AI thoughout, only here and there.

Questions are:

  1. Is proscar any good and worth including?
  2. Would the constant inclusion of the AI pick up the slack?
  3. I've got Nolva coming out my a hole as I over ordered, is it worth including on cycle??
  4. I've got some T3 as I was gonna do a clen/t3 cycle at first but thought in the end I'd go down the lean mass route with, tren,test p and anavar instead. I've heard that including 25mg of T3 speeds the metabolism and helps protein uptake, though again as mixed reviews????

Cycle is

Weeks 1-10- Test p 75mg ED
Weeks 1-10 Tren A 75mg ED
Weeks 1-9 anavar 50mg ED
Armidex .5mg E0D weeks 1-10
Proscar/Finasteride 1mg ED?????????
Nolva ed?????????
T3 25mg ed????????


day 1 150mg clomid 60mg nolva
day 2-11 100mg clomid, 40mg nolva
day 12-21 50mg clomid, 20mg nolva.