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My New Cycle, Advice Needed

I have done 2 cycle before one doing just a test prop 500mg cycle for 10 weeks and the other cycle was test e 500mg, with tren e 600mg a week with dbol 75mg ed. my stats are 5 10, 188 pounds, 12% bodyfat, age 25. Looking to start a new 10 week cutting cycle just want some insight and opinions from others.

tren ace 50mg ed 1-6
test prop 35mg ed 1-6,then raise it to 50mg week 6
masteron 35mg 6-10 ed
dbol 100mg ed 4-10

I know the dbol is not, the best for cutting cycle but I do not get almost any water retention no matter what steroid I have taken in the past. Also want to know if the masteron is worth it or should I do clen and t3 at low dose instead