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My New Blast to Build More Mass

Im at this moment on a “TRT” dose 180mg of test a week(2 pinn a week 90,90).
Thinking of adding some more mass to my body on this one.

weight: 200 LBS
Hight: 6,2
B.Fet%: 16%
Age: 29.
Done 4 cycles before and started “TRT” this year after my last cycle.
My goal is to add 10-20 pound on with mostley pure mass.

Im thinking of running:
250-500mg Test-E
400-600mg Deca
50mg of Anadrol as PWO on heavy lifting days.(maybe, not sure).
AI and Camber on hand if i need it.
Any tips on somthing i should change to get some more mass on? maybe a different cycle?

Have you run Deca before? That one scares me a bit.

Any previous experience with deca?

Nandrolone is hard to beat as a mass builder, but is also much more toxic than most AAS. I think 300-400/wk is a much better starting dose for Deca, 400+ is a bit more aggressive and frankly not necessary for your first cycle IMO (if it is in fact your first nand cycle).

My first (only) nand cycle was NPP and I started at 245 mg/wk and increased to 350. The increase in drugs was not really worth the increase in sides, so that is something to keep in mind as well.

What exactly do you mean? You’ll blow up like a balloon sure… and deflate upon ceasing.


Thats everyones goal and that is not realistic in 1 cycle, or 2 cycles unless its your first cycle ever.

Unless you do 2 six month cycles a year.


Still not 20lbs “pure mass” unless its pure shit mass…

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I think it may be possible with someone without development. They shouldn’t be using gear, but with that circumstance, I think with a heavy long blast it is possible.

I have only done two cycles, and didn’t gain all that much. I was fairly muscular (but too fat) before starting. I think ones starting development plays a big role. If you want to see what the current physique is looking like check out my new training log “Ben’s Training (The Stupid Thread 3)”. Still too fat, but I have found being on exogenous test is great for dropping fat. So I’ll continue to cut on cruise (200 mg/wk), and then blast when I am ready to gain weight. I feel that was my biggest mistake on my first two cycles (wanting to recomp, not build).

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I put that under “unless its your first cycle”… Its usualy noob gains + steroids combined, like - half of that would have been doable natty.

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No never tried Deca. only tried Tren at 200 and 400mg started at 200 for 4weeks and went up to 400 for 6weeks. Did not have any sides from that. Got some good gains from it.
Maybe I will start at 200 for the first 4weeks just to see how my body respond. What sodes did you get? Did you have to run something to control prolactin?

No, only tried Tren at 200 and 400mg started at 200 for 4weeks and went up to 400 for 6weeks. Did not have any sides from that. Got some good gains from it.

The only side that I got was mood, I was more paranoid and had a shorter fuse. But with a wife and 2 kids, and considering I am absolutely the “rock” of the family, it wasn’t good.

I used P5P for prolactin control, and I was fine in that respect.

Also I had to deal with central serous retinopathy (fluid between eyeball an retina that causes partial blindness, mine was considered moderate to severe), which the nand DIRECTLY contributed to. However, I think it was a perfect storm of shit that led to that.

My biggest cycle I have ever run really has not provided me additional results over the smaller cycles I have run, and I am becoming more and more of a fan of the “less is best” approach. I am a competitive amateur strongman, so my results are very easily quantifiable. I actually plan to run my 2nd smallest cycle ever going into my biggest competition ever.

230 Test C and 280 Tren E. That will be my next cycle. The only other smaller cycle (not including TRT obviously) was my 1 cycle in which I ran only Test E at 500/wk.

If I was you I would go from 200 to 300, and you may not even feel the need to go to 400. performance increases are not linear with gear increases. In my experience if feels more like logarithmic growth

Yes, my first I went up 35lbs, but I got a lot of water that time. Since I have learned to control my estrogen and keep the diet on point so I don’t get that much of water weight. Last cycle I got 12lbs in lean muscle, but that was on a inbody scan. So I guess it was a little lower. That was on a 12week cycle. I hope I respond good to deca. As long as I get some more mass on I’m happy.

Well if i can control my estrogen and keep my diet on point this should not be a big problem. I did not blow up before on Dbol when my diet was good and estrogen was on point. Have never heard about deca to be worse than Dbol on water retention. Have you had bad blow ups?

post a pic please

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