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My New Baby!


I haven't named him yet, but here's a couple of pictures of my new arrival. I took him for a walk in the park today, and got some strange looks!


Another picture with the pushing handles attached.


Why the looks?

He's Bee-A-Utiful!


I was curious to see who here is dragging a sled and what exercises you like.

I just did some forward and backward drags today for recovery. 90lbsx100ftx6 each way. I also tried pushing it with just one plate. I will play around with it more on Saturday, when I can afford to be a little more sore.


I was waiting for someone to tell me it would be easier if I just took the weights off.


I like ... we used to have a lot of those at the gym I went to in S. Carolina ... oh those were the days

Be careful they grow up fast!


i've got me one of those there sled thingys. i like to take it to my local park for a pull. i tell you what though, the difference in friction created by fresh cut grass and grass that hasn't been cut in a week is huge.

it's a good thing i shave my balls.. that's all i have to say.


No Doubt! The grass was pretty thick today. Whenever I hit a bare patch, or a high spot where the grass was shorter it was a welcome relief.


Awesome! so we will be seeing a leaner meaner modi soon huh?


he just called you fat.


Oh man sorry....Let me rephrase..." Hey fatty McFat! Get out there and pull that sled!!!!"

get down to 110lbs so that my squat gets higher than yours!


i hate those damn things, its too much work :slightly_smiling:


I saw that.


don't listen to a word of it...

i love how your knees rub together when you walk.


Of course. You like them thick.


You want me to lose 160lbs?!?


Which gym?


It's a beauty! Where did you get that new-fangled device? I've never seen a sled with upright pole holders.


Its a beaut! mine doesnt have the push handles, maybe i need to get some migged on. when i push im doig a damn crab walk almost, its brutal!


yep, i figure you will be squatting less then the southern hemisphere by then, and it will give me time to catch up...