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My New Avatar


Just want to see how this looks, opinions?


When need a closer shot, where there is light, and her with a BIG smile on her face. :smiley:



I dont see anything. What is it suppose to be?


This is the internet version of asking "how does my hair look"?


And that avatar makes you look fat.


not bad


mines better


I agree 100%, but I'm biased as I've mellons on my mind, so I'm thinking of modifying my own avatar accordingly to the above pic.

Federov - Your avatar needs a bigger rack or a plumpier ass
May I suggest any from the Who Has the Best Rack? thread in the Sex and the Male Animal forum. Enjoy.


How about an Avatar Contest, so far:

mr_slick - Her eyes stare into my soul 1st

jtg987 - She got tits for days and a radiant smile, yum 2nd

kingkrs - I wish I rolled joints as fast as your avatar 3rd


Is that chick gonna show'em yet or what?


Is that a silhouette of the comedian Gallagher?



kingkrs av''s hilarious


very inspiring . . . .


Hilarious, DB...


Thanks, great tit shots. Too slutty for my tastes though.


I prefer ssn0's avatar. Very educational.


LOL! I don't think this is the same guy, though. (but I could be wrong)

I had a lot of really wonderful avatars a few weeks ago, maybe I could enter them in your contest, too? :wink:


I like mine better.


Me too, but it's still nice.


Aaaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhhhh [door slams, sound of running down hallway]



What does your Avatar say about you? Does it define you?

My Ultra High Mario Brother is my alter ego. I'm not Italian. Haven't puffed weed in 5 years and I don't play video games either, but I like it.

Special shout out to dragonslayer, I keep hoping each day that there may be a wordrobe malfuncion with his avatar just once.

Jillybop - please feel free to showcase all of your avatars too.