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MY New Approach to Training

So I have been training with the Conjugate Method for pretty much as long as I have been actively lifting (other than a two month bout with squatting every single day for two months). I personally feel I have made good if not great gains with but, feel I personally wanna try something new. So did some research and picked the brains of some Strongman friends and I have come up with a program some what of my own (am not looking for critism really am putting it out just so others see it and will track my progress with it). Not sure if this follows anything anyone has put out before but, I think it looks sound in my opinion.

PS there is a lack of HEAVY deadlifting due to the fact that if I pull heavy more than once or twice a month I am trash. So I leave it for event days as we ALWAYS have a Max weight or Max reps deadlift.


Week 1

Monday- Lower Main and Quad Assistance and Core
Front Squat/Back Squat/Good Morning x 8 x 3 x 75% 1rm
Sled Pull x up to best for 60 ft or Step Up x 2 x 6
Weighted Core x 3 sets

Tuesday- Upper main, Vertical Pull, and Triceps Assistance
Axle Press/ Axle Incline Bench/ Pin Press x 8 x 3 x 75% 1rm
Chin or Pullups x 3 x fail ( weighted after 3 x 10)
Side or Rear Laterals x 2 x 8-12
JM Press or Dips x 2 x 6

Thursday- Lower Main, Hamstring, and Core
Rotate Lift from above x 10 x 2 x 80%1rm
RDL or Hyper Extension x 2 x 8-12
Calves x 2 x 12-15
Weighted Core x 3 sets

Friday- Upper main, Horizontal Pull, and Biceps
Rotate Exercise from above x 10 x 2 x 80% of 1rm
Kroc Rows or T Bar Row x 2 x 8-20
DB or BB Shrugs x 2 x 8-20
Hammer or Barbell Curl x 2 x 5-8

Week 2

Monday-Lower Main, Quads, and Core
Rotate Exercise from above x 12 x 1 x 85% 1rm
Same as above

Tuesday- Upper Main, Vertical Pull, Triceps assistance
Rotate exercise x 12 x 1 x 85% of 1rm
same as above.

Thursday- MAX EFFORT Lower Body.
Choose one of main lifts work up to ME single hope for PR

Friday- MAX EFFORT upper
Choose one main lift and work up to ME single hope for PR
Horizontal Pull (same as above)

This completes one full cycle. Only difference for next cycle is in stead of the second week PR training on Thursday and FridayI will being going all out on events on Friday. This is tailored to Strongman in particular.

There is logic behind this before you start bashing on it as its not a " proven " program and in no way am I suggesting any one should run it but, I am going to give it a go see what happens.

Current Lifts are:
Axle Press: 250lbs
Incline Press : 225 lbs
Pin Press: 290lbs
Front Squat: 290lbs
Back Squat: 360lbs
Good Morning: 275lbs

Body weight is just under 200lbs but trying to get as close to 220lbs as fast as I can.
Will update lifts as PRs increase or God forbid decrease.

I’m glad you’re not deadlifting heavy regularly…gives the rest of us time to catch up

Lol I never deadlift regularly every time I have ever hit a PR it has been with daamn near a month off from pulling specifically.