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My Neurotyping Results: Type1B and 3

Okay, so it’s seemingly apparent that I’m type 1B and my personality and lifting preferences, and athletic capabilities including a knack for quickly picking up on complicated movements an doing them explosively.

For example, in MMA I do much better in stand up and am very fast and explosive and I have a wide arsenal of kicks that I can actually use and land while sparring and can keep the pace up but I lose steam fast as soon as I’m on the ground.
I also do well with and gravitate towards explosive lifting, ratchet loading, EMOM’s in the 80-90%, and exercises that are either big compounds or feel ‘athletic’.

What I’m having trouble making sense of is what the high, but definitely lower score in type 3 means and also the very low (the lowest) score in 1A which 1B’s neighbor. Mostly, I find it strange that the type right next to mine is the one I scored lowest in.

I have similar score distribution and relate to thriving on 1B workouts. In my case, high type 3 score is most probably stress related.

In particular, I wonder what kind of supplements for anxiety, sleep, and neural recovery from training sessions would be good for me.

Serotonergic supplements of all kinds don’t do me any good and have terrible side effects even when I give them several weeks to work like tryptophan, st john’s wort, 5-htp, and even more so pharmaceutical SSRI’s.
Gabaergics like ashwaghanda, valerian, chamomile, and phenibut are much more helpful. Theanine can help w/ anxiety but also numbs my emotions and kills my social intelligence if that makes sense.
All cholinergics cause me extreme anxiety like on the verge of a panic attack anxiety so I have to be careful when reading the labels on energy drinks and capsules.

edit: Also, I’m wondering if I’d want to make any alterations to the general recommendations of type 1B training.

At least I know I’m not a fluke now :smiley: The high stress/anxiety part makes sense, but you like me also have 1A as the distinctly lowest score. Which makes me go “Huh!?”