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My Need For Speed


Still in search of the ultimate thrill, speed. I tried and failed twice to complete the Montreal 24hr inline speed skating marathon. I tried in 2013 and 2014 but could make it past the 9 hour mark due to intense leg cramping. I am sure I could if I went slower but that is not going to happen. So I changed my goal, now speed is the goal.

This summer I want the sustain 50kmh for over a five km distance. I turned 57 last September and sustained my greatest speed to date of 43kmh. In the past marathon racing has keep my leg size down. Now is the time to jack them up and rip up some asphalt.

Just lost my personal trainer of the last two years. Off to Vancouver so he can make some money. In the gym again doing my sole act, kind of looking forward to it. Until I hit 50 I never broke 180lbs. Putting on weight has never been easy for me and at 57 huge is not on my bucket list. Speed on the other hand is at the top of the list.

I do legs twice a week with a combination of strength, power and agility training. I will try anything that I think will make me go faster. I love working the core, I hate sit ups but I can plank with the best. Been working out since I was sixteen, just part of living now.

Get busy living or start dying!


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