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My Neck

What kind of exercises can I do at home or at the gym to increase the girth and strength of my neck? Thanks

do a search of the fourm this was discussed a few days ago

Oh, sorry. I am new to the site and haven’t really used the search thing yet. I got a lot of results. Thanks for the input

a few years back I was training for college basketball with some of the best trainers in the state of Michigan, and what they told me to do could not have been more effective. Many college programs go out and buy expensive machines to train the neck muscules which are only good for collecting dust.
The exercise is called “yes/no’s” what you do is lay on a bench with your head hanging off the end. For on minute straight make like you are saying yes with your head going as low as possible and ending with your chin on your chest. After completing one minute of this movement procced on with the “no’s” with no break. One maybe two sets at most, your neck will be on fire and results are quick.

Neck bridges are by far the most effective, go to mattfurey.com or descriptions. Also, if you have a partner, you can have them give you manual resistance in all 4 directions. You would be kneeling, they’d stand behind you. You’ll have to wrap your arms around his/her legs for balance.
For strictly mass, you can use one of those head straps and hook weight to it. But the brdige is the most functional by far.

I learned this one for rugby: Use the ham curl machine, but lay on it backwards, so that your head is under the pads in stead of your ankles. Lift your head up and back, in the same motion, using only your neck (don’t lift your shoulders or torso). It looks really weird, but it is a great workout.

Hands down, neck bridges. Four years of wrestling and a few months of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can’t be wrong.

how many times per week should the neck be trained? 1,2,3xweek, everyday?

I would also suggest good heavy shrugs. My neck has gotten much thicker with the progression of weight with shrugs. You don’t want to get to heavy though, because you want to get good solid full reps. Really concentrate on trying to make your shoulders touch your ears.

Shrugs are for traps, not the neck unless you’re doing them wrong.

I do my neck bridges every day. Also, DocT is right, shrugs are for traps, not the neck. However, if you’re looking for that ‘neckless’ look, you can ‘cover’ your neck w/ you traps. Frankly, that look is no longer my bag though. Just make sure you also train your neck muscles themselves. -Alex

First, I didn’t say to just do shrugs. And yes, I know they are for traps. I can’t think of a faster easier way to increase the girth in the neck though. I’m simply pointing out that shurgs WILL make your neck thicker.

Actually, when Ian King was asked about neck work in his column at T-mag, most of his recs revolve around trap exercises. It’s in an older Heavy Metal column. A search for “neck King” may bring it up.

Shrugs have nothing to do with your neck. Your traps will get bigger. If you measure the girth of your neck with large traps or small traps, it’s the same. I don’t even see how this is a debate.

under dawg, or anyone, just how do I search the forum? The only search button I see is on the front page and it searches articles. I’ve been reading these message boards for 8 months now and I haven’t seen a search function for the forums. Please show me where it is so that I can feel really stupid. :slight_smile:

If you don’t see it, then perhaps you’ve bookmarked an older version of the forum application. Try going to T-mag, then forums, then training/nutrition. Clear your cache and do a shift refesh or reload first. The search feature is on the left, two big white blanks. Can’t miss’em.

I agree w/ DocT on this one Shrugs has nothing to do w/ the neck. It is mostly your traps. Have you tried towel exercises w/ a partner?

Neck info: www.testosterone.net/html/39power.html

Yes, Ian King suggests shrugs. As does Paul Check and others. More info: www.testosterone.net/ nation_articles/154gang.html Amazing what that search engine can do when you use it.

Steve, it’s also amazing what reading the whole article and using some common sense does for you. Shrugs are for your traps, not your neck. I quote Lori Gross later in that SAME article, “I think that you really want big traps, which give the illusion of a big neck.”

It’s not that damned difficult, people.

The trapezius actually runs up to the base of the skull, so it will have an affect on neck development. Shrugs, cleans, snatches, and variations will all affect neck development. For direst work on the cervical extensors, use bridges, manual resistance, or a headstrap like ironmind sells. My traps blew up the most from seated dumbell cleans ala westside. At 5’7" it was 16 1/2, which gave me the I wrestle type of look.