My Nandro/Andro results

Its been about a week since I finished my Nandro/Andro cycle. Intended on bulking up 10# or so. I used 40 sprays Nandro and 30 sprays Andro 2x/day for 4 weeks. Also supplemented with chromium, multi-v, and v-C 2x/day, creatine (~5g/meal x6/day) and used a thermo (Stacker 2) once or twice a day in the am. Added tribulus on 4th week. Starting bw was ~180#, starting cal intake was ~2000 w/150g protein. I didn’t notice any changes 1st week at all. No sides either. Increased cals to ~3000 w/200g+ protein in the 2nd week and strength started coming up quickly. Poundages and reps increased steadily throughout remainder of cycle (and beyond). Bench is up 30# with better form. Finishing bw is 186# with better definition (more veins, hint of abs) and noticeble size increase in chest, traps, lats, delts, quads, and arms (arms gained 3/4"). I think some size is coming from the creatine but I definitely think Nandro/Andro works. No sexual problems though (opposite). Plan on staying off 4 weeks then doing a modified Fat Fast (5 protein/flax and 1 normal meal/day w/carb blocker) for 4 weeks with 2nd Nandro/Andro stack. Gotta love it!