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My Moving North of Vag Template



Currently doing Boring but big and the results are amazing. However next year december I want to compete at a indoor rowing competion. I have set the national record in 2015 at the 1000 meter crew race with a personal split of 1:27. I think using Noth of Vag, my condition would improve drasticly and my lifts keep improving. So here is my template :

Warm up - DeFranco Agile 8


531 Bench Press
BBB Bench Press
Ring Rows 5x10 reps

Rowing on the erg - 5 x 300m 120 sec rest


531 Squat
BBB Squat
Hanging leg raise 5x10

Sled pushes - 20 x 15 sec on 45 sec of

Wenesday Rest


531 Press
BBB press
Chin-up 5x 10 reps

Rowing on the erg - 5 x 300m 120 sec rest


531 deadlift
BBB squatstance deadlift
Ab wheel rollout 5x10

Saturday Rest


Rowing on the erg 40 min at 140 HR

Currently lifts and bodyweight

bodyweight 105 kg
Deadlift 300 kg
Squat 247,5 kg
Benchpress 170 kg
Press 110 kg

My eating plan :

4 Meals a day with much proteïn, some fat and low GI carbs

2 hours before workout high carb meal

15 min before workout 40gr high GI carbs and 10g of BCCA

During the workout 40gr high GI carbs and 10g of BCCA

After the workout 50gr of low GI Carbs and 50g of whey

Meal afther workout more carbs, less fat and more proteïne


Does your template fit with your rowing goals? I’m not sure the BBB template really fits…

Just my opinion but 5s pro, FSL, minimal assistance and a focus on rowing for conditioning may be a better choice.


Yeah 2-3 months before the competion I’m going to focus more on the rowing condition. But having much funtional muscle mass is beneficial for the rowing machine, so building that in the fist months is going to help. (being heavy helps in getting a good split )