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My Mother is MISSING


I really dont know where else to write, I know at times over the years you guys have been pretty good in hard times. NEver mind my new account im an old member, but how do you say* dont always agree with things so some accounts have been retired.

My mother has been missing for a week, She went for a walk and never returned. Leading up to that day she had been poisoning herself with so much coffee and ciggs and lack of eating and drinking water seemed to almost make her kind of crazy. I dont want to get into the nitty gritty and all the details but she was spotted a couple of times kind of wandering in odd places. But those reports came days after I flyered the neighborhood. I have been spending the nights looking all over LA, and find myself tested with all my might.

I ahve never felt this feeling of unkown and wondering if she is alive, ok, escaping, or anything. I feel helpless and worried as well as extremely mad at this behavior. On top of that I have been dealing with a father who got addicted to meth and moved to mexico for the last few years.

I sit back and question WTF ??? Im not tough enough to say fuck it and not weak enough to cry in a ball all day long.

but im having a hard time just living everyday life, the little things are a chore and my own company is harder to stand for some reason.

In a way id rather hear the worse than just some ???? UNKOWN>

just had to thow this out there.




It's good shit.


I am sorry you are going through this. I assume you are a minor or at least a fairly young guy. Does your mother have a drug problem? If your dad is a meth head and skipped out and your mom may not be far behind him. It sounds like you need to distance yourself from their world and make yourself a better man in spite of them.

Some parents are shitty yet still produce stand up offspring.

If you have some close friends whose parents know you are a good kid (assuming you are) gravitate toward them. Treat them with a ton of respect (sir & ma'am until they tell you otherwise) but do not ask them for anything but advice. They will want to foster you.

My mom was a drunk & prescription drug addict and tried to off herself many times when I was young. My father was/is distant and self absorbed. I had many friends whose parents treated me like one of the family. You need to some exposure to normal healthy adult role models.


I'm assuming this is serious.

Have you filed a police report? If not, you should probably do that.

Have you checked her usual haunts? The places she buys her cigarettes and coffee or whatever? They might have seen her.

Have you called her cell phone?

Did she take her car? Is her car still in the driveway/parking spot? Does she typically take a bus? If so, where, and have the bus drivers seen her?

The flyering is a good idea, and I'm glad you got some feedback from that, and sad that you weren't able to capitalize it.

Bottom line: If you've done all you can do, the only thing left is prayer. Or remote viewing. It might not work, but if you've already done everything else, it probably won't hurt.


im not young, my parents divorced when i was to.
my dad lost his business three years ago and retired to mexico and then lost all his savings hooked on meth at 50.

My MOM is usually just a normal 65 yr old but does have a history of bipolar she hasn't had a break like this for over twenty years and even
then she never ran away anywhere.

Its not that it hurts any less being 30 , she is still my best friend and closest person in mylife.

yea , helicopters , search dogs, a 1000 flyers, and the news!!


Dude, as much as it blows that your mother is missing and your dad is a meth head, THIS is a BODYBUILDING FORUM. Keep spending your time looking for your mom, maybe put some milf traps out or something.

But there is no point on posting on this forum unless you found out your mother is being held captive by a bunch of bodybuilders and the only way you can get her back is if you beat them in a benching competition and you are wondering how to get your bench up as much as possible and as fast as possible to get her.

IMO troll.


His mom is 65, his dad is 50 and a meth addict, and his mom wandered off.

If not a troll job: dude, just forget it. She LEFT you, your dad LEFT you. Get a job. And don't treat your kids that way.

If a troll: weak but acceptable. I give it a 'C'.


Dude this is GAL.

Dude you fail.

Dude I fail for callin' the fail card.


your mother was married to Phil Spector?


Dude, its the fucking Off Topic section. Someone already beat me to it, but you fail at life. Have some damn sympathy.


lol yeah i agree, but still the fact that he would post it on here mind boggles me, even if it is the GAL. Just seems like a waste of time when he should be doing something more constructive to find his mom.


What should he be doing every single moment thats so constructive?


Squats and drinking milk.


I would be saturating the internet with, "Mother MISSING," myself.

There's no point in him getting in his car and driving around yelling her name. Even though there is a low probability that anyone here would be able to help him, it still seems worthy of the shot.


Hope everything works out for you OP.




Can we suspend membership acceptance until 2010? Some of these 09's are absolute idiots.

OP good luck. It's gotta be hard but hang in there.


i think we might have a chance of saving this thread...i could be too late though


Can we ignore this Nate person? Please?

I don't even know what to say, I'm sorry OP, please keep us up to date. I hope you get some resolution to this really soon. It must be crazy to not know anything.


I am laughing at what could be called a troll job within the troll job. (Though it's an insult to Headhunter to equate this idiot's practice with his own.) My husband left his family because he figured out this advice for himself, and he maintains that it's the best decision he ever made.

However, he was in high school, and it was not his biological mother at home at the time, and thus the OP has a much greater natural claim of attachment to his mother, so I wouldn't even pretend to equate the two.

Headhunter, you know I like you. :slight_smile: