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My Morning Shake


40g multi substrate protien
1 scoop barleans greens
1 scoop asai berry powder
1 bananna
8 oz. orang juice
8 oz. 1% organic milk

How is that for a good brekfast!!!


dont see any eggs or meat.


where's the oatmeal?? it just isn't morning without oatmeal and eggs

I'm betting your tastes a hell of a lot better than mine (hates life for a moment)


That is a good snack, but I don't really consider that a breakfast unless you are dieting. I would have that when I first woke up and then have some real food for breakfast, ie. eggs, oatmeal, toast, potatoes, meat, nuts, fruit, etc. I don't know your goals, but if building muscle is one of them, then you should eat a lot more for breakfast. Like they say, it's the most important meal of the day.

I have a protein shake first thing in the morning or wash down my real food breakfast with a protein shake. Just my $.02.


500ml whole milk
100g mixed frozen berries
70g oatmeal
45g Whey/casein
+ fish oil pills

800kcals of goodness


Agree with the rest... but also... milk and juice in one? wtf thats nasty.


almond butter, trust me. i dont even use the bananq a but mix random fruit in liike pineapple cherries whatever, rest is the same basically. some spixes like cinnamon, cardadmom , dash of ground cloves and nutmeg, maybe an extract andice


Nasty PWO shake for someone weighing about 140lb's..


I agree. That is a pretty small shake.


I have to chew for breakfast.


Squatz and milk.

(someone had to say it)


70g carbs
70g protein
50g fat

i have 2 of those a day with 4 more solid meals