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My Month of Training


Just some clips of my Oly training over the past month or so.
A lot of the lifts were max efforts so obviously my form was not perfect on a lot of the clips.
PR'd OHS, C&J, Jerk and Snatch. Been a good month!


Some solid lifts mate! Great to see more videos :slightly_smiling:

-look forwards and not down so much
-keep finishing with the bar, you receive the bar forwards from where you start = wrong, you should never be in front of where your feet started, it's okay now, but I bet you miss a few where it keeps going away as your not keeping it close,

Really strong OHS.



Thanks bro,
yeah as I said above my form is not great on the max lifts. Finishing is the thing I am focusing on the most in my training at the moment. I can maintain it pretty well up to about 85% but anything above I shift my weight into the balls of my feet too early.
Thanks for the props


Forms NOT BAD AT ALL MATE, just keep it closer at the very top and you won't jump forwards to receive the bar. Apart from that everything else is SOLID mate.

You could attack the bar more = you can be able to hit bigger weights with less of a height difference from the highest hight of the bar to the height that you receive it.

Think of driving your head up, keeping your chest out and really attacking with your hips and PULLING THE MOFO OUT OF IT TO GET UNDER IT, then SNAP THE BAR UP.



Nice lifting and nice gym! :wink: