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My Mom is Amazing!

First I will post this picture. It is a picture of me at 22 years old mountain climbing.

Now this is the painting she did of that photograph so that I will be 22 forever. She is wonderful and talented. I just thought I would share her talent.

She is amazing, B!

That’s a wonderful rendition!


thats cool.

Definitely very cool. what mountain range are you in there?

That is a heirloom piece. Stay 22 in your head and heart forever. Beautiful.

That is cool.

That was Bedwell Mountain on Vancouver Island. There are many beautiful places to climb on the Island. There are also many Rockclimbing crags as well.

Mufasa- I told my husband that if the house were ever on fire, that is the one material thing I would go back for. It truly is priceless.


Michelle, that’s beautiful, and your mom is definitely a gifted painter. Did you inherit any of her talent?

Oh wow! I am impressed! I love the pic and also what your mom did! Wonderful work!

Great rendition! thanks for sharing that…

[quote]T-Mag Mod wrote:
Michelle, that’s beautiful, and your mom is definitely a gifted painter. Did you inherit any of her talent?[/quote]

Unfortunately I have a difficult time drawing stick men. My mom is very talented. Most of the art in my house is either my mothers or father-in-laws. I realize that this is a rather personal thing, but I thought that if I found it beautiful, regardless of the subject, then others would as well.


Impressive indeed.

Here are a few more of her peices…the pictures don’t do them justice.


Other people should post some of their work, or families/friends. I love to look at artwork, must be because I have no talent that I like to drink up the talent of others.


Great stuff. I hope your mom knows you posted her stuff and that you’re proud of her.

Yes, she does…and I am very proud of her. She not only does amazing art, she is an incredible woman.


Your mom is immensely talented. You must be so proud.

I wish I could draw. Im seriously shit. Stick men are beyond me ffs.