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My Modified Cycle

I extended and slightly modified my cycle from its original version.
If you are interested in seeing it:

Week 1 to 2
250mg Test E E3D

Weeks 3 to 6
250mg Test E E3D
200mg Mast E E3D
50mg Winstrol ED
I found 10 50mg caps of UG dbol which I added nearing the end of week 5.

Weeks 7 to 10
250mg Test E E3D
50 mg ED Tren A (I took my first shot on Oct 16 at 200mg)
15mg Dbol ED for 2 weeks

Weeks 11 to 13
250mg Test E E3D
200mg Mast E E3D
50mg Winstrol ED

Weeks 14 to 17 (Waiting Period)
50mg Test E E3D
50mg Mast E E3D

Weeks 18 to 23 (Taper)
40, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10mg E3D with Test and Mast

I?m in the middle of my 6th week. I started out at 148lbs at 9% bf and currently weigh 164lbs. I have lost some, but not much definition. I believe I have a good biological indicator of my body fat levels; a vein in my lower abdomen that seems be only visible when I am around 10% bf. It is still quite visible.

I found some old UG dbol (10 of them at 50mg each) so I added them. As well, I bumped into a friend and he gave me some Thai dbol. I received only a few of them so I plan on using them when I run out of my UG dbol. I will use them at 15mg per day until my supply is exhausted.

My calorie intake has been raised to 4700 calories. I think I must be lucky since I find it easy to consume 4700 cals on a healthy nutrition regimen. I go through the day where I am still feeling hungry between meals. I used to eat a lot when I naturally weighed 180lbs.

I now realize that my carb intake was too high during that period. But man, I can only assume that I ate somewhere in the neighborhood of 6000 cals.

I just purchased and started, on Oct 16, some Tren A and more Test E, to extend the life of my cycle. I will be using the Tren A (at 50mg ED) alone with Test E from weeks 6 to 9 or so. I will also be taking 15mg of Dbol daily weeks 6 through 7. Then go back on the Masteron for three weeks, along with some Winstrol and taper down from there.

No (unmanageable) adverse effects thus far, other than oilier skin. On a positive note I have been sleeping well, increase in strength and feeling generally swell. For the first 6 weeks I have been training along the lines of Thibaudeau’s HSS-100 program. Weeks 7, 8, 9 I will train full body style concentrating on strength and power, than go back to hypertrophy training thereafter.

I almost forgot. I went to the doctors a week or so ago to get some papers to go get my blood work done. Being an honest and open minded person I responded to him that I need the work done because I am currently on a cycle.

After this, his attitude changed towards me and acted very demeaning making childish comments about side effects and some poor philosophical points. Long story short, I left the Docs office with papers in hand (paid for by the Canadian tax payers). I woke up the next morning still feeling like I was mistreated, so I headed on back to speak to his superior.

After a lengthy discussion, about the way the situation was handled, his immature comments and the fact that he could not treat me like an intellect, I felt satisfied. This second doctor was more empathetic towards my use, but still being apart of his medical community could not condone my use for legal and biased moral reasoning purposes. Anyhow, I am getting the blood work done tomorrow morning.

I do not have any questions to ask at the moment, I may in the future. For now, thanks for reading my post and a big Thank You to all those who post valuable information.