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My MMA Training Log


I box and just started doing BJJ and am joining my wrestling team this year. i am 16 and a junior in HS i am 6ft1 and 155 pds.


Let me know how it goes.


alright i defiently will.

heres today so far.

9hrs of sleep last night

4 rounds bag
4 rounds pads

30 sec rest inbetween rounds
4 speed
4 rope
3x weighted decline abs with twist
2x neck rolls


1 bowl wholewheat pasta with parmasean cheese and tomato sauce.


Wow, you're thin. How long have you been into boxing?


about a year. the reason im thin is to fight in a ligh weight class. BTW i forgot to post here for a while. heres today
8 hrs sleep
8: 3 eggs 2 whole grain toast
2: chicken parmigian with artichoke


8 hrs sleep
10-11:30 boxing
5 heaavy
1 heavy
3 shadow
3 speed only 1 rest
jumprope for 8 min


10 hrs slep
30 min footwork sprints and body drills
45 min hand fighting drills
30 min live


6 hrs sleep
wrestling 7:45-9:30
30 min running/body control
30 min stance/ penetration step
45min wrestling


6 hrs sleep

1 hr technique
45 min rolling.


6 hrs of sleep and then i took a 1 hr nap at night

2 rounds shadow
5 heavy
1 set incline twist situps with 20 ball drops
1 set incline another 22 ball drops
3x speed
3x juprope
20 ball drop
roman chair 15 drops on both side
then 50x 35pds side bends


6 hrs sleep

2 shadow
2 heavy
2 speed
2 rope
1 hr rest
20 min of jogging/footwork
45 min technique
35 min live


6:30 sleep
40 min of practicing new moves
1 hr rolling


13 hrs sleep
today is rest day


12:30 hours of sleep
7 min jog
50 min techinique
45 min wrestling.


6 hrs sleep.
1:30 technique


As skinny as you are, mixing in some weightlifting might be helpful. I would keep it to a minimun at first though, so you don't overtrain.


1 hour of wrestling techinque
rest 30 min
45 min of Jiu jitsu technique
50 min rolling


thanks for the site. my coach recomended i do a circuit of
bicep curls

what do you think? i used to do mark rippetoes routine but i stopped for a while


2 shadow
2 heavy
2 speed
2 pads
4 heavy
2 shadow with 5 pd weights
situps with twist
jump squats with 5 pd dumbells
leg up pushups
lie down slam ball on stomach 30x
stand up hit stomach 20x


I'd be curious to hear your coach's reasoning behind bicep curls.