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My Mk 677 Review

Early in the summer I decided I would try using mk 677, and played with dosages and see what i would end up with, I did 3 phases

Phase one was 3 weeks, I took 30mg every morning
Effects: where severe hunger, weight gain from water retention, looked very full, minor strength gains, better recovery

Side effects: really tired, and the hunger aspect was negative at times

phase two was also 3 weeks, I took 60mg every night
same positive effects as above, shoulder and elbow felt major improvement around week 4, both are chronic issues for me and this greatly benefited my training, negative effects: started to notice a lack of libido, sex drive was lower, lasted longer, still full quality erection quality, was guessing was from prolactin, got super tired all day, napped every day along with 10 hours of sleep a night, decent to excellent strength gains in the weight room, definite increase of muscle mass, and slight loss of body fat, kept my diet really clean

phase 3 tried 90mg a day lasted 5 days and I washed out and stopped, couldn’t keep going prolactin sides got crazy, puffy nips, low erection quality hard time cuming at all during sex, super tired all the time, not a noticeable increase of any thing in the wieght room compared to phase 2

overall review, good drug that can give some very positive and noticeable gains for a none AAS, despite studies that stated that after the first week, prolactin spike went back down, I believe at dosages higher than saturation, prolactin becomes more of a chronic issue, currently running P5p to try and fix the prolactin, if that dosent work ill nuke it with caber lol, might run again at 30mg and stay there, maybe 40

Any questions or thoughts guys let em rip


Thinking about doing MK-677 at 20mg dosage for 8 weeks.

How can you tell if your prolactin is out of control?