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My Mind Was Poisoned By HIT


I was certainly never one of those quasi-religious pseudointellectuals who think that HIT is the only legitimate way to train, but a few years ago I went through a very regrettable phase during which I warmed up to some of the core HIT principles, and one point even took up the one workout to failure per week thing exclusively. I even used machines, for fuck's sake.

At the pinnacle of my stupidity I even became convinced that T-Nation and most of it's contributers were idiots, and that the whole thing was just a dumb supplement peddling operation. I kept this mostly to myself, but still managed sumbit at least a few memorably insipid posts.

You know, there are things to learn from just about every trainer and training philosophy, and I outgrew my HIT phase feeling more knowledgeable than ever. But I'm pissed off that I had to learn the hard way, and I'm pissed off that I had to squander any amount of time under the influence of HIT.

It was an impediment to learning in general and I feel like I was harmed by it. I gained weight and became depressed due to a lack of physical activity when I was doing that once a week crap. My physique and life in general are so much better when I'm hiking, sprinting, and throwing heavy weights around at fast speeds for multiple sets not to failure on a frequent basis.

I just thank God that this crap came and went after my track career was over and before I was in a position to infect any other impressionable trainees with this mental disorder called HIT.

Also, Paul Chek is not so bad after all. Nutty, yes, absolutely. But there's more to learn from him than from any HIT Jedi.


It's just too bad you couldn't have posted this about 40 years ago before so many hapless retards who are condemned to struggle through life without your towering abilities wasted so much time building all that muscle with core HIT principles. Better luck next time.


I'm not saying HIT is it or anything, but, I thought you were running your fastest times right before blowing out your knee and you were an HIT by that time.


nah i started doing HIT while I was injured. that's how i got started with it.


you mean the ones who almost look like they work out?


THAT"S THEM!!! you're sharper than I gave you credit for.


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Didn't they tell you?

HIT is cool again.