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My Meet Videos

771 squat http://www.public.iastate.edu/~landon/videos/771squat.MOV

402 bench http://www.public.iastate.edu/~landon/videos/402bench.MOV

633 deadlift

Nice lifts. What federation was that in? and in which weight class did you compete?

great job! impressive! the squat look especially easy.

Thanks for posting those Goldberg.

very motivational

I lift in the APF and will lift in the IPA in May.

I weighed in at 265 so Im in the 275’s.

Strong lifts! Thanks for posting them.

Amazing! Good job ya big bastard! Moving that much weight your gonna need some more ART!

Nice work Goldberg!

Dude, you smoked that squat like it was nothing! The weight was moving so fast, that it almost looked like a DE set!


That was a sick squat.

Nice job. :wink:

WOW…thats squat was near perfect dude…you have a easy 800 in yea…what ipa meet you doing in may…and hey what height box do you use…great job bro…bm

You sir are an inspiration.

All of those lifts looked easy for you, can’t wait to see what you jack up in the next meet!

BM-I use about a 15.5 inch box. I dont know for sure but i can measure it today. I got 9 whites on the day so my depth must have been ok because they were judging pretty strict on depth with everybody else. It wasnt perfect though. If you slow it down you can see my hips come up before my head. I have to fix that.

Im doing the IPA meet in May in SC.

goldberg i thought your depth was perfect…the reason i asked about the box is because i am getting ready for my first APF meet and i am not sure about depth cause my only meets i have done are usapl…and i think my box (13.5) is too low because i cant get down to the box with my equipment but based on video my depth looks about where yours is maybe a little higher than where yours is at…good luck at your meet bro 800 should fall no problem…bm

How come the same song was playing for each lift? Do you you tell them to play that song? I like it.
Good lifts Chicken Legs. :slight_smile:

have these been moved? i cant cant get them from copy and pasting the link, and they dont seem to be in the parent dir either…

landon probably took them off his site.

damn… i’ve still got the DE vids from about a year ago. goldberg = animal…