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My Meet Results: USAPL BP Nationals


I had a great time competing against the top 220 lifters in the usa @ sept 13 usapl bp nationals. The venue was the best I have seen in my 15 years of competing. The meet director did a great job!!

220 Open Results:
1. Tim Anderson - 622
2. Mike Ferrantelli - 551
3. Derek Brixius - 479
4. JT Hall -468
5. Clint Poore
6. John Pfeiffer

I tried to figure out why I missed 562 because I did it pretty easy last year at the same meet. The only conclusion was the I didn't adapt quickly to the fast flight. As soon as I did my unequipped opener and got my shirt on. I was 3rd out. The weight just didn't feel right. I think the quick flight affected three other lifters because two bombed with weight they have done before. Also, there were more missed attempts in our short flight than made attempts. Positive note: I did get a record and the top unequipped ranking.

"Big Willie" J.T. Hall first place Tomahawk Swords

John Bogart, "Big Willie" J.T. Hall & Horace Lane

Dennis "Heavy D" Cieri & "Big Willie" J.T. Hall

Tim Anderson & "Big Willie" J.T. Hall

"Big WIllie" J.T. Hall & Mike Ferrantelli

562 attempt

468 opener

214 x 25 bench press for rep contest


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