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My Masseuse


Is Awesome =)

Anyone else get massage therapy professionally done with any regularity? My typical session is Deep Tissue but recently I've added Stone Therapy.....yeah, no homo. I actually like the flexibility and how much my ROM increases from the work I get done.

******************Unrelated,I've never been offered a happy ending. Which leads me to believe they dont exist or my clinic is actually only a massage clinic and everything done there is on the up and up....which is ok, I guess.


There was this traveling illusionist who came to my town not too long ago. I thought the guy was a hack but he pulled a quarter from my ear. That was pretty cool.


Happy endings happen if you find your masseuse on craigslist. Most actual massage therapist businesses are legit.


How much money do you throw in for your masseuse? And does that cute girl of yours get jelous or does she get a masseuse too...if so do you get jealous?


You are an idiot, at least about the laws. If a masseuse solicits sex for money, she can get in big time trouble. If you ask, then less likely she'll be getting into trouble because it is entrapment if the guy is the police.


How much does your session cost you? Also, i've always wondered how much to tip one of these ladies?


I have never tipped my therapist. Wow, I feel like a dick now. I've honestly never considered it.

I pay around .75-1.00 per minute and goes from 35 mins to an hour. That's for the Tissue massage...Stone Therapy is like 1.25, I believe.


lol, chill dude...that happy ending thing was a joke.


Everyone gets in on it, brah!


lol, thanks brah, but I knew that. I was joking.


Must be odd be a hillbilly,huh?

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I get a monthly massage. My guy's a gay guy and he massages my glutes (that's as happy an ending as I need frankly). I pay $59 and I tip $8. The first one was deep tissue which I did not enjoy. The rest have been Swedish. Really does feel awesome.


fuck jokes....grow some balls and get em massaged. i have faith in u


I would so give your glutes a deep massage.....damn, I cant stop. lol

I had a Swedish one once and felt way too pampered. Mainly, since I use them as "active recovery"


pics or....


Wow, a Canadian saying grow a pair....makes no sense.

And Faith isnt real...this is me...c'mon man


Wow, way to throw an honest question off the rails...dude, STFU, please.


GOD DAMN! does it make a dif if it was directed at Larry?


I go about every 4-6 weeks.

Had a female at first who was great, but she left. Went to see a guy at my gym (thought it would be weird), but he's awesome.

I can only assume he does something along the lines of A.R.T, as I never knew a guy putting his elbow into my glutes could hurt (feel) so good, along with moving hip joint.

I usually just focus on my back (tension + previous neck injury) and glutes/hams

I pay $45 for 1/2 hr, but many times he goes for the full hour.


low blow.