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My Man, Tony Soprano!


Any one catch the GREAT line by Tony tonight?

He was having his first visit with Dr. Melfi after having been shot by Uncle Junior and after having undergone an extensive hospital stay.

He looks at Dr. Melfi, and says:

"Let me put this right out front....any chance of a "sympathy fuck?"

Classic Tony!

(This last season is going to see some twist, guys!)







When he beat the shit out of Muscles Marinara, that was excellent.

"He's got red pepper flakes up his ass"


For any of you that wonder what Wideguy looks like, he got his ass beat by Tony last night.


cmon dude. "mercy fuck" not sympathy


I almost forgot:

Johnny Sack is DONE! Ya' here me? DONE!!!



Hey, did what's his face off himself in the motel room?


I think he took off! You know they would have showed that shit!


It was hilarious when they caught him at the gay bar!

"Come on guys, it's a joke"


Freaking classic! The look on that guys face--PRICELESS!



Wouldn't want to grab his ass in a cold dark alley in Jersey!

VITO--WTF--right, right, right, this ain't no fucking joke--WTF!


I'm telling ya, Vito offed himself to spare himself from the gang.


Just a quick something about James Gandolfini. I heard him interviewed by David Lee Roth today, and there was a part something like:

Gandolfini: "You know, when I was first offered the role, I worried that it would cast Italian-Americans in a bad light."

Roth: "So, how did you deal with that?"

Gandolfini: "Well Dave, I made 13 million dollars last year. I'll worry about the rest later on."

Just classic.

It was weird though, hearing "Tony Soprano" talking without that thick accent.


I thought the same thing when he was in his coma. Kevin Finnerty sounded alot different than Tony Soprano.


When he was Kevin Finnerty, he sounded just like he did in a couple of other roles I have seen him in. Has anyone ever seen Terminal Velocity with Charlie Sheen?


so this is the last season? :frowning:


Fairly true...but the fact that you've never seen me before in your life makes you a dick.


And I'd break every bone in my hand on James Gandolfini's face if he ever hit me.


What is even more weird is that someone admits to listening to David Lee Roth!

You must be one of the dozens!



Actually, I thought he was much better when he had his "crew", with Animal and B. Young. They've tamed him too much, and it's gotten pretty dull.

However, I will also admit that I downloaded DLR's interview with Henry Rollins. It's about 45 minutes of him ranting on different topics. Any chance to hear Rollins speak...great stuff.

(I didn't really just say "DLR", did I?!?)