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My MAG-10 Experience

I started on Monday the 11th on MAG-10 (two doses the first day) (1 dose a day there after) and 6100 calories per day for my 192 6’6, 7%BF frame, I weighed 192…it is now Thursday evening I weighed myself today I am shocked the scale reads 205??? I have been busting my butt doing the two workouts a day and stuffin my face with 50/40/10 ratio of calories. I guessed Im skeptical that this gain is muscle…my stomach sticks out so much now…not sure cause Im so full and bloated from all the food or cause Im just gaining bodyfat. 13 lbs in 4 days doesnt seem like its possible unless it fat? Did anyone experience any water weight gain on this program and MAG-10 cycle??..I am going to measure my waist tomorrow early morning on an empty stomach to see it it really has changed that much. I just am frustrated that Im gaining too much fat. Will keep ya updated.

6100 calories a day! That’s quite a bit of food you’re eating. I can imagine you must be stuffing yourself. I remember long time ago when I was trying to bulk up by eating merely 4000 calories a day and I was gaining nearly a pound a day. After 19 days, I was 15 pounds heavier. Wish MAG-10 was around back then. Your stomach is so full and big? Not surprising at all, considering all that food you’re eating. I’ll give you credit for your precise diet plan. I took Mag-10 for 2 weeks before, But I only ate 500 more calories than usual and I gained 5 pounds and a 1/4 inch on my waist. I wasn’t happy about that. 13 pounds in 4 days is probably lots of water with very few pounds of mixture of fat and muscle. For my own body, I would definitely cut the calories down to 4000 a day then go from there. Keep us posted and let us know your progress!

Muscle growth comes in spurts. With a sound program, good nutrition, and the help of MAG-10, you could easily have put on a good deal of muscle. I’m sure that some of that 13lbs is fat and water, but I would think that more than half is muscle.

Also, if you keep training hard after your cycle, you should see continued strength and size gains. Just be sure to cut back on volume and calories post MAG-10.

I measured my waist and its the same. I think I weighed myself before I had used the bathroom that day, because I weighed myself the next day and I was 4 lbs lighter…made me feel a bit more at ease.

MAG-10 is great, and it does work fast. At most, you will double dose for 2 weeks. When I did the Growth Surge Project last fall- All my MAG-10 weight came in the first week. 13 pounds week one, 2 pounds week 2.

The real question is what was your calorie load pre MAG-10. If it was 3000 and now you are at 6100, you’re gonna put on some fat.

If this is not the case, give it some time, and let the product do its job.