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My Mag 10 Experience

Ill start off by saying that circumstances beyond my control kept me from having as good of success as i had hoped for. During the first week of mag 10 i gained six lbs and felt really strong. Then on the seventh day of mag 10 i separated my shoulder and missed two weeks of lifting. So after two weeks off, i decided to go twice per day with mag 10 to kinda catch up. Well i went twice per day for 7 days but somehow lost my appetite. I ate a good bit of protein but not near what i should. Then i slowly got my appetite back and at the end of the cycle which last three weeks after the layoff i gained a total of five lbs. I did get significantly stronger during this period however. My best deadlift ever was 495. Two weeks ago i did 515 off of a reebok step and pulled 525 off the floor today(more on that later). Monday I did 340 on bench. That represented a 15 lb pr. However i could have done more but fatigue played a factor as i did quite a few singles before i got to 340. I missed 350 about three inches off of my chest (im weak off of my chest) and am very confident that 345 would have been a cinch. Today i box squatted (two inches below parallel) 465 and should have gotten 475. I stopped because i wanted to deadlift as well and time was running out on my workout. By the time i got to deadlifts i was very fatigued. I pulled 525 pretty easily and definitely could have pulled 550 if i had been fresh. My biggest improvement was on my Romanian deadlifts. I went from 325 for four sets of six to 375 for four sets of six. i also increased my floor press by 25 lbs and did a 305 good morning. my best good morning prior to that was a 275 where my form was questionable. if you cant tell already i train westside four days per week. i also have six cheerleading practices per week which also take their toll. im quite confident that if my appetite had stayed around and i hadnt gotten hurt that my gains would have been much better. i was really strong after that first week and just last week started feeling good again. im going to do another cycle this winter because my schedule looks wide open. im looking for bigger and better things then.

Congradulations on the awesome numbers and new PR’s bro, that’s great stuff!

That’s great progress in my book. I remember you posting several months back that your bench had been stuck for a while. The fact that you’re pushing 340 after a separated shoulder says a lot about the progress you’ve made. Congrats!

That’s great. I know the Mag-10 definitely works, because the scale doesn’t lie. I was wondering what percentage of the strenght increases that come along with it are mental–just having the confidence to go heavier. I know I was very pleased with my strength gains while on it, but then again went for weights while on it that I had never had the nerve to attempt before.

Sweet. Could you tell us more about the cheerleading practices?

Ive always been the kind of person where when i go really heavier i tend to say oh shit that feels heavy. on bench i have been using bands for a while so when i set up for 350 it felt light because the bands werent there. but i got stuck off of my chest. i will be working on that though.

Great work Goldberg! Your numbers are impressive. Keep it up.